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CN-200983450-Y: 多国型转接器 patent, CN-200985194-Y: House refuse sorting carrier vehicle patent, CN-200985414-Y: 地毯平针机 patent, CN-200986296-Y: 即热式热水器 patent, CN-200986465-Y: Circuit board water-proof structure for electronic scales patent, CN-200986830-Y: Electrical source data communication cable patent, CN-200987577-Y: Carpet-expanding device patent, CN-200987899-Y: 球益智玩具 patent, CN-200987959-Y: 混合机的密封装置 patent, CN-200988675-Y: Water saving environment protection slag transport vehicle patent, CN-200989384-Y: Bearing mechanism patent, CN-200989693-Y: Convenient pressure-bearing solar water heater patent, CN-200990408-Y: 定时充电器 patent, CN-200990718-Y: 软性电路板 patent, CN-200991679-Y: 匀胶设备的匀胶单元的上盖结构 patent, CN-200992660-Y: 蒸汽熨斗的发热包 patent, CN-200992899-Y: Stainless steel composite decorative profile patent, CN-200993939-Y: 塑料外壳式断路器的磁通变换器装置 patent, CN-200993957-Y: 节能白炽灯泡 patent, CN-200994368-Y: Assembled high-sensitivity mousetrap patent, CN-200994970-Y: 医用输血增温器 patent, CN-200995338-Y: High-speed tool-changing device of horizontal machining center patent, CN-200996201-Y: Assembled decorative board patent, CN-200997652-Y: 一种易于改变外观造型的电视机壳 patent, CN-200998458-Y: Disposable sputum-sucking blowout preventer patent, CN-200999133-Y: Packaging structure for TV set patent, CN-200999520-Y: 强磁解码器 patent, CN-201000209-Y: 采暖/热水控制器 patent, CN-201000430-Y: Portable fructose concentration nondestructive device with weigh patent, CN-201000620-Y: 一种基于投影的触摸检测系统 patent, CN-201003168-Y: Quick drainage pipe guide layer water diversion structure for garbage landfill field patent, CN-201003169-Y: 一种坡的生态治理器具 patent, CN-201003531-Y: 连接装置 patent, CN-201003615-Y: Water-saving pedal water-controlling valve patent, CN-201004056-Y: Impurity capacitance sensor for detecting liquid patent, CN-201004490-Y: Improved memory card connector structure with detection terminal patent, CN-201005075-Y: Antimicrobial leg protector patent, CN-201005251-Y: 餐桌广告转盘 patent, CN-201005420-Y: 一种可显示ph值的水杯 patent, CN-201005469-Y: Wireless intelligent cooking apparatus patent, CN-201006069-Y: 一种气胸放气装置 patent, CN-201006542-Y: 物料轨迹可调等厚振动筛 patent, CN-201007421-Y: Anti-continuous punch mechanism for punching machine patent, CN-201008178-Y: Telephone set capable of inserting externally U disk for recording patent, CN-201008586-Y: Rolling electric toothbrush capable of switching toothbrush head patent, CN-201008608-Y: Novel electric heating bag patent, CN-201009350-Y: Cutter device of clay-strip patent, CN-201009421-Y: Water immersion type plastics tube sizing device patent, CN-201009468-Y: 带式榨汁机的均匀喂料装置 patent, CN-201009897-Y: 智能超速制动矿车 patent, CN-201010418-Y: Escalator armrest patent, ES-226351-A1: PERFECCIONAMIENTOS EN LAS MáQUINAS DE LAVAR patent, CN-201010491-Y: 新型双桅柱高空作业平台 patent, CN-201011140-Y: 势能节水环保住宅 patent, CN-201011273-Y: Passenger car electric exterior swing door controller patent, CN-201013360-Y: Down-hole oil conduit returnable leakage checking device patent, CN-201013663-Y: 泵用分半卡套式联接法兰组件 patent, CN-201014655-Y: 一种小型空气净化器 patent, CN-201016376-Y: 高稳定性汽车升降电机 patent, CN-201016871-Y: 步入式三综合环境试验系统 patent, CN-201017009-Y: Multifunctional voltmeters patent, CN-201017267-Y: 刀片型服务器模块 patent, CN-201017761-Y: 500kv SF6 insulation current mutual-inductor patent, CN-201018291-Y: Intelligent peak-to-valley time-sharing power saver patent, CN-201018767-Y: 旋耕灭茬机中间齿轮箱的整体式小锥齿轮 patent, CN-201019339-Y: Mattress or chair cushion with heat-insulating or thermal-insulating device patent, CN-201021243-Y: 轮胎保护装置 patent, CN-201022038-Y: 漆包铜扁线 patent, CN-201022126-Y: 多触点电源开关 patent, CN-201022522-Y: Chair base for massaging chair patent, CN-201022530-Y: 带衣架的座椅 patent, CN-201024651-Y: 涂料滚刷 patent, CN-201025714-Y: A portable private network information security device patent, CN-201026880-Y: Circular exterior heating sleeve support steel of railway tank truck patent, CN-201027421-Y: No-load rotated theftproof lock core patent, CN-201027514-Y: Sucker rod fisher patent, CN-201029024-Y: 光驱卡条 patent, CN-201029853-Y: 具去油污功能的手套 patent, CN-201029882-Y: 一种集电动和手动于一体的磁共振病床 patent, CN-201030239-Y: 积木构件以及积木玩具 patent, CN-201030818-Y: Special type vehicle patent, CN-201031453-Y: Novel building plate wall structure patent, CN-201031886-Y: Mechanical pressure clutch patent, CN-201033605-Y: 便携式可拆分自行车广告车筐 patent, CN-201033982-Y: 一种防拆卸啮合传动门锁 patent, CN-201034194-Y: Tyre explosion-proof security valve patent, CN-201034537-Y: Accurate bevel gauge patent, CN-201034964-Y: 无线智能土壤水分自动监测仪 patent, CN-201036913-Y: 具有内风冷装置的塑料管成型机 patent, CN-201039059-Y: AC/DC brushless DC wind blower patent, CN-201039084-Y: 基于电容补偿的低幅度误差低相噪射频压控振荡器 patent, CN-201039178-Y: Td-scdma移动终端的同步控制子系统 patent, CN-201039777-Y: Water-proof ventilating device for sole patent, CN-201039952-Y: Back scrubbing plate patent, CN-201040055-Y: 分体式激光眼前节治疗机 patent, CN-201040134-Y: Therapeutic instrument for treating hypertension patent, CN-201040756-Y: Sampler for marine seedling environment microorganism sampling patent, CN-201040925-Y: 建筑平面组合式模板 patent, CN-201041431-Y: 太阳能储热水箱固定内衬 patent, CN-201041859-Y: 连接器成板与基座固定机构 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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