A mill diverter having a swellable material for preventing fluid flow past the material

Deviateur de fraise comprenant un materiau gonflant pour empecher l'ecoulement de fluide au-dela du materiau


A method of preventing fluid flow past a tapered face of a mill diverter in a wellbore comprises: positioning the mill diverter in the wellbore, wherein the mill diverter comprises: a body; the tapered face, wherein the tapered face is located at one end of the body; and a swellable material, wherein the swellable material: is positioned circumferentially around the body of the mill diverter adjacent to the tapered face; swells in the presence of a swelling fluid; and prevents substantially all of a fluid from flowing past the swellable material after the swellable material has swelled; and causing or allowing the swellable material to swell. The swellable material can also prevent a loss of pressure in the wellbore above the swellable material or prevent a first fluid having a first density from mixing with a second fluid having a second density after the swellable material has swelled.




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