Elastomeric extractor member

Element d'extracteur elastomere


A biasing member (14) for a bolt assembly (2) of a firearm (F) is described herein. The biasing member (14) comprises a body (40) having a first portion (43) configured to engage and seat within a biasing member receiving indentation (33) of an arm (30) of the extractor (6), and a second portion (45) configured to engage and seat within a receiving area (33) along a bolt (4) of the firearm (F). The body (40) provides a biasing force directed against the extractor arm (30). The body (40) comprises an elastomeric material, and is configured such that the first (43) and second portions (45) provide varying levels of compression sufficient to maintain a substantially constant extractor tension between the extractor arm (30) and a cartridge.




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