Processes, systems, and apparatus for cyclotron production of technetium-99m

Procedes, systemes, et appareil de production cyclotronique de technetium-99m


A process for producing technetium-99m from a molybdenum-100 metal powder, comprising the steps of: irradiating in a substantially oxygen-free environment, a hardened sintered target plate coated with a Mo-100 metal, with protons produced by a cyclotron; (ii) dissolving molybdenum ions and technetium ions from the irradiated target plate with an H2O2 solution to form an oxide solution; (iv) raising the pH of the oxide solution to about 14; (v) flowing the pH-adjusted oxide solution through a resin column to immobilize K[TcO4] ions thereon and to elute K2[MoO4] ions therefrom; (vi) eluting the bound K[TcO4] ions from the resin column; (vii) flowing the eluted K[TcO4] ions through an alumina column to immobilize K[TcO4] ions thereon; (viii) washing the immobilized K[TcO4] ions with water; (ix) eluting the immobilized K[TcO4] ions with a saline solution; and (x) recovering the eluted Na[TcO4] ions.




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