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Large powered jack


Provided is a jack assembly that may include a first tube having a bearing and a second tube being telescopingly engaged with the first tube. The second tube may be attached to a nut therein. A motor assembly may be attached to the first tube. An elongated screw may be in rotatable communication with the motor assembly, the bearing, and the nut wherein operation of the motor assembly rotates the elongated screw such that the nut telescopingly translates along the elongated screw and the second tube translates relative to the first tube. The nut may be a recirculating ball nut assembly having a housing with at least one track and a plurality of ball bearings. The threads and the track may be configured to receive the plurality of ball bearings therein such that as the elongated screw rotates, the housing of the recirculating ball screw translates along the elongated screw.




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