Appareil et methode d'inverseur de poussee

Thrust reverser apparatus and method


A thrust reverser is adapted to be fixed within a turbofan engine nacelle that extends substantially about an engine core cowl. The nacelle and engine core cowl together define an axially extending annular duct for receiving an aft flowing fan bypass air stream that is forwardly redirected upon deployment of the thrust reverser. The nacelle includes an axially translating sleeve, circumferentially arranged translating cascade sets, and axially translatable blocker doors adapted to pivot radially inwardly from the translating sleeve to extend at least partially into the fan bypass air stream. A blocker door deployment drag linkage is pivotally coupled to each of the translating sleeve and the blocker doors. When stowed, an axially extending outer wall of the bypass duct is radially interposed between each blocker door and the fan bypass air stream to assure that the blocker doors remain entirely concealed from the fan bypass air stream.




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